Restaurant Noah’s Ark

Best restaurant in Zatoka: Noah’s Ark

Best restaurant in Zatoka: Noah’s Ark

Would you like to go back to the distant past at least an hour? And eat that enjoyed legendary Noah 4000 years ago? Do you think this is not possible and the old recipes of dishes for a long time lost? Not at all! 

Visit our restaurant “Noah’s Ark”, which is located on the coast in Zatoka at the recreation center “Eden”! Our chef has mastered the secrets of cooking dishes Bible. The basis of the menu with a 4000-term history has taken the book “Cooking with the Bible.” It includes recipes for dishes and drinks, which we know from the New and Old Testaments. 


Meals in Zatoka: our menu

What dish came to us from time immemorial? The cozy rooms of the restaurant (in Zatoka banquet hall and an outdoor terrace) you can order:

  • “Tzimes with meat” – delicious beef goulash combined with potatoes and prunes;
  • “Tzimes with carrots, apples and raisins” – a dessert, which treats Noah on holidays;
  • “Ashura” – a dish of chickpeas, wheat, beans and dried fruit, whipped into mashed tender;
  • “Aash-e-Cholet-Galamkar” – a dish of four varieties of beans and mutton meatballs. Served in the form of puree with chopped fresh herbs and dried fruits;
  • “Ash Ogurzhalinsky” – the famous pilaf with lamb and spices;
  • “Ashura” – boiled wheat with walnuts;
  • “Israeli salad” – a vegetable dish that is served chilled;
  • “Mess of pottage of Esau” – a dish with lamb, tomatoes, lentils, carrots and celery.

Connoisseurs special dishes worth trying “Mint meat” – veal cooked with mint and spices. Or delicate “Veal a la Abraham” – meat in a white sauce of sheep cheese and white wine.

If you prefer the traditional European cuisine, try the “Flounder grilled”, “spicy pork neck” or “Vegetables baked with herbs!” These dishes, as well as the author’s recipes chef will introduce you to a delicious and unique taste of Odessa cuisine.

Banquet hall in Zatoka

Банкетный зал в ЗатокеBanquet hall in Zatoka Our friendly staff is always happy guests! We dine rest of the hotel “Eden”: we offer them complete power to choose or “Buffet”.

“Noah’s Ark” – the perfect place to hold a corporate event in Zatoka. In the banquet hall of the restaurant accommodate 150 people, and the terrace provides an additional 150 seats. The spacious hall and a terrace allow you to plan a banquet in Zatoka for a large company.

If you are preparing to hold a wedding banquet, Zatoka is a place where it is possible that celebrated the triumph of fun and ease. Weddings in our restaurant accompanied by professional musicians, and we work from 8 am until the last customer.